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Set up Two-Factor-Authorization for your Account
Set up Two-Factor-Authorization for your Account

Enhance your account security by requiring a second form of identification to sign in.

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Typically, signing into your Trackado account requires your username and password. With two-factor authentication (2FA) turned on, signing in requires in addition the verification using your mobile phone as a separate device. Because signing in with 2FA requires that you have access to a physical device, the risk of a potential intruder gaining access to your account is much lower.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication for your Sign-In

To turn on 2FA, go to "Password and Two-Factor Authentication" by clicking on the arrow next to your name:

In the next screen, toggle the "Enable Two-Factor Authentication" slider:

You will then be asked to enter / confirm your mobile number. This number will be used to send text messages for the 2FA processes:

We will send you a text message that contains a verification code. Enter the code you have received in the next screen and confirm:

As a last step of the setup process, you'll be provided with 10 backup verification codes. These codes can be used in case you lose your mobile device. It is highly recommended that you copy these codes and save them in a secure place. Once you have confirmed that you have saved your codes you can activate 2FA:

Require Two-Factor Authentication for all Users

If you are an Administrator, you can require every user in the account to use two-factor authentication. To do so, go to "Account & Security" in the "Settings" menu:

Activate the tickbox in the Mandatory Two-Factor-Authentication section:

Once activated, 2FA will be enforced for all users and all users will be asked to register for 2FA upon their next sign-in.

Using Two-Factor Authentication for Sign-Ins through Google, Microsoft or SSO

Trackado allows sign-in through Google, Microsoft or SAML SSO:

When using these services, Trackado will initiate the authentication processes of these identity providers. Hence, if 2FA is enabled as part of the authentication process at these identity providers, it will also automatically be invoked when signing into Trackado.

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