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Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting

Use the financial reporting to gain transparency over your contract related costs and revenues.

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The “Billing & Financials” section in the contract module provides different views and reports on the financial aspects of you contract portfolio.

Transaction Base Date

This view will show your billing transactions as they are registered on the contracts. Each billing transaction is shown as one line. No calculation or transformation is done.

Contract Financials

This report shows the costs, revenues and cashflow for each contract and accumulated for the entire selection.

The date range can be adjusted and you can filter the list by different columns. The calculations will be automatically. You will be able to easily and dynamically report on your revenue potential or committed spend for e.g. a certain supplier, category, organizational unit, etc.

Transactions over Time

This view will show all individual billing transactions as they occur over time. Each line represents a billing transaction on a specific date. If you for example register a billing transaction with a monthly billing cycle you would see one line for each month.

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