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Custom Fields

Use custom fields to maintain contract and business partner data relevant for your specific use case and requirements.

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Open the "Settings" menu and choose "Custom Fields" within the "Contract Properties" and/or "Business Partner Properties" section to add, edit and delete custom fields for these objects. ย 

To a new field, enter the field name and select the field type. The following field types are supported:

  • Text (free text entry)

  • Dropdown (one entry can be selected out of the configured list)

  • Multi-Select Dropdown (several entries can be selected out of the configured list)

  • Date (date entry)

  • Number (number entry, calculations can be performed for these entries)

Depending on the chosen field type, more configuration can be done as e.g. adding the options for drop-down entries.

You can also choose to make a field mandatory. When checked, the field will become a mandatory entry for all entries.


Field Reordering

You can reorder the fields by dragging and dropping them into the desired position. For contracts, you can also place the fields in different sections:


All contract, billing and business partner grids can be filtered and sorted by the maintained custom fields for reporting purposes.

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