Reminder Email Configuration

Adjust and customize Trackado's reminder emails to your requirements.

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To customize the email reminder template for your account, go to "Reminder Email Configuration" in the "Settings" menu.

You can customize the email subject, the email message text and you can select which data you want the message to contain.

You can use the below placeholders in the email subject, the email body and the email footer. They will then be replaced with the actual values when messages are sent.

  • {{First Name}} - Will display the first name of the recipient

  • {{Last Name}} - Will display the last name of the recipient

  • {{Event Title}} - Will display the title of the event

  • {{Event Date}} - Will display the event date

  • {{Contract Title}} - Will display the title of the contract linked to the event

  • {{Business Partner}} - Will display the title of the business partner linked to the event

In addition, you can configure some additional message settings:

Message Format:

The HTML message format provides richer formatting. The Text message format is more scaled down and does e.g. not contain any logo.

Reply to Address:

By default, reminder emails are delivered from a "no-reply" address. You can add a "Reply To" address if you want to receive replies to reminder emails to a specific mailbox. Only email-addresses belonging to your account's email-domain can be added.

Send Test Email:

Clicking on "Send Test Email" will send a test email to your email address with the currently saved configuration.

Restore Default:

Clicking on "Restore Default" will revert the message format back to the default configuration.

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