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Default Reminder Settings

Configure your default reminder configuration, such the reminder email frequency or the default reminders for the contract lifecycle dates.

Updated over a week ago

Trackado allows you to set default values for your reminder configuration. You can configure these in the "Event and Reminder Properties" menu under "Default Reminder Settings" in the "Settings" menu.

Default Email Reminder Frequency

When configuring an event, you have a lot of flexibility on who and how you would to be reminded. As part of this you can define the email reminder frequency.

The configured frequency will be used as the default value when creating a reminder.

Of course the frequency can be changed for each individual event reminder.

Reminder Tickbox Defaults for the Contract Lifecycle

In the contract lifecycle section you can quickly configure reminders for each lifecycle date using the tickboxes and related options.

If you always want a specific configuration pre-filled when you add and edit contracts, for example always having a reminder for the end date ticked, you can define a default configuration. This configuration will be used as a default for all users when configuring an event reminder using the tickboxes in the contract lifecycle section.

The above shown configuration would e.g. results in this default configuration when adding or editing contracts:

Of course, you still have the possibility to adjust the reminders to the requirements of the specific contract.

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