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Configuring Events and Reminders
Configuring Events and Reminders

How to configure an event and associated reminder in detail.

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Trackado will automatically create events related to the contract start date, contract end date and latest day for cancellation. For all other milestones or tasks you can create custom events (check out this guide to learn more).

Events and associated reminders are configured like this:

General Information:

The title and description will help you to specify the event details. For custom events you will also be able to set the date for the event. For all other event types the dates are automatically determined by the lifecycle details of the linked contract.


You can choose to configure a reminder for the event and specify the reminder date. The reminder will always be visible in the app.

In addition, you can select if and how reminder emails should be sent. Add one or several users that should receive the email reminders. You can also send a copy of the reminder to people that do not have access to the app. They will receive the reminder as information but will not be able to access it within Trackado. 

Finally, you can specify the reminder email frequency. The specified recipients will receive an email on the reminder date. Thereafter reminder emails will be sent according to this schedule until the reminder is dismissed.

The reminder status is “Active” by default. Once the reminder has fulfilled its purpose it can be changed to “Dismissed” by the user.

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