Events and reminders are a powerful tool to keep track of to-dos and action items.

How to add an event for a to-do:

  1. Add a custom event (check out this guide to learn more).

  2. Use the event title and description to describe what needs to be done.

  3. Use the event date as the due date for the to-do.

  4. Activate the reminder and use the reminder date to specify when you want to be reminded about the to-do. 

  5. Configure the email recipients and reminder frequency.

Following up on to-dos and their status:

The easiest way to follow up on the status of your to-dos is through the calendar. Your events and reminders for the specified date range are visible in the calendar and the list below. As long as the to-do is unhandled the reminder status will be “Active” (or “Active and overdue” if the reminder date is in the past). Simply dismiss the reminder to document that the to-do has been handled. 

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