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Events and Reminders
An Introduction to Events and Reminders
An Introduction to Events and Reminders

The basics about events and reminders and how they can help you to keep track of milestones and to-dos.

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Managing contracts over their lifecycle means keeping track of dates and action items. In Trackado you will use events and reminders for this. 

Events are created for a specific milestone, task or other important matter related to a contract that you want to keep track of. Events are always linked to a contract and you can think of it as a calendar entry on a specific date.

In addition you can configure a reminder for each event. Think of it as a reminder about a calendar entry. If you for example need to give notice for a contract on a certain date you can configure to be reminded about this due date.

Event Types

There are four different types of events in Trackado:

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Latest Day for Cancellation

  • Custom

The event types “Start Date”, "End Date” and “Latest Day for Cancellation” are system generated events. They are directly associated with the contract lifecycle and the corresponding dates. “Custom” events are not directly linked to a contract lifecycle date and can be used for any other milestone or task on a certain date.

Here is an example on how the dates from the contract are related to the events:

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