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Start E-Signing Process
Start E-Signing Process

How to configure and start an e-signing process.

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E-Signing is used to obtain legally binding electronic signatures for a contract, an agreement or any other document. By clicking on "New E-Signing Process" you can configure and start an e-signing process.

File to Sign:

Add the file to be signed, either by browsing or by dragging and dropping the file.

Signees / Participants

Add the signees / participants of the e-signing process and configure their role in the process.

Additionally, you can configure a specific signing order. By default, all participants receive the e-signing request simultaneously. By specifying a signing order, participants will receive the requests in the the configured order. For example, if you specify the order 1, 2, and 3, recipient 2 will only receive the request once 1 has signed, recipient 3 once 2 has signed etc.


Optionally, you can customize specific setting for the e-signing process.

Title: A title for the e-signing request to make it more recognizable and easier to find.

Email Subject: The subject line for the emails sent to the signers can be customized. By default, the subject lines will be optimized for deliverability so we recommend to only change the subject line if specifically necessary for your use case.

Email Message: Specify a customized message to include into the notification email sent to your signers.

Expires after: After the specified days the document will automatically expire and no longer be available for signing.

Send automatic reminders: When checked, automatic reminders will be sent to all signers that have not yet signed.

Prepare document before sending: When checked, you will have the possibility to add placeholders for signatures, dates, texts, etc. on the document. After clicking on "Send" you will receive an email with the link to the preparation page where you can prepare and finalize the document before it is sent out to the recipients.

Require Attachments from Signees / Participants

By adding a name of a document, you can require your signees to upload an attachment during the signing process. Only after the attachment is uploaded the signee will be able to finalize the document. You will receive the attachment as part of the document package delivered after the e-signing process is concluded.

Add Attachments to E-Signing Process

Add files here that you would like to attach to the e-signing process. Attachments will be made available during the process but will not need to be signed.

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