Start Workflows

How to configure and start a workflow.

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Workflows can be used to for approval processes or for certain contract related task sequences. By clicking on "Start Workflow" you can configure and start a workflow.

General Information:

Workflow Title: Name your workflow.

Business Unit: Assign the workflow to a Business Unit. Business units represent different entities within your organization, e.g. divisions, legal entities, etc. They can be used to control and restrict user access to contracts within your subscription. You can read more about business units here.

Contract: If the workflow is related to an existing contract you can link it here. Otherwise, you can also leave this empty.

Description / Comments: A free text field to describe your workflow in more detail.


You can add all documents that are related to the workflow. This can be done in two different ways:

Document Upload: You can upload documents to Trackado. All major file formats are supported. We will encrypt uploaded documents before saving them (read more about security here).

Link to a document: You can link to documents that are stored on other services, as for example Dropbox, SharePoint or OneDrive. In doing so the document will not be uploaded to Trackado and the authorization and access restrictions from the source service will stay in place. The service and document location will have to support HTTPS in order to use links to documents.

Approval Steps:

Configure the steps and workflow participants for each step. This can be done manually and individually for each workflow or you can work with predefined templates (read more about this here).

You can add one or several users for each step.

If Everyone is selected for the step, each user assigned to the approval step needs to approve before the step is completed and workflow is moved to the next step.
If Anyone is selected for the step, only one user needs to approve the step even though they might be multiple approvers assigned to the step. The first user that approves will complete the step and move the workflow to the next step.

Once the workflow is completely configured you start the workflow by clicking on "Start Workflow". The workflow will be moved into status "In progress" and the participants of the first step will be notified (you can read more about this here).

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