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Workflow Progress
Workflow Progress

How workflows are processed and approved.

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After a workflow is started, the workflow will sequentially run through the configured steps. The workflow will maintain in a step until the step is approved. Depending on the step configuration, this happens if everyone in the step or anyone in the step approves it. Thereafter, it is moved into the next step in the sequence.

If Everyone is selected for the step, each user assigned to the approval step needs to approve before the step is completed and workflow is moved to the next step.
If Anyone is selected for the step, only one user needs to approve the step even though they might be multiple approvers assigned to the step. The first user that approves will complete the step and move the workflow to the next step.

Workflow Status:

Depending on the progress a workflow can have different status

  • In Progress: The workflow is running an not yet approved or rejected.

  • Approved: All steps of the workflow were approved.

  • Rejected: The workflow was rejected by a user on any step.

  • Terminated: The workflow was manually terminated by the initiator or an administrator.

Reviewing and approving / rejecting workflows:

The workflow participants will see all workflow data and comments form predecessors in the workflow.

As a workflow participant you can approve the workflow, reject the workflow or you can send it back to a previous step. You also have the possibility to add additional documents to a a running workflow.

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