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E-Signing Processes
E-Signing Processes

How e-signing processes are run and administered.

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Review and Signature

Once an e-signing process is started, the e-signing participants will receive an email notification with a link to review the document:

The participant can, if applicable, add required data, sign the document, but also perform other actions such as forwarding the document, adding attachments or declining the signature altogether.

Administration of E-Signing Processes

All e-signing process can be viewed and administered in the e-signing module of Trackado. Processes can be cancelled, deleted or reminders can be sent to the participants.

Once a process is signed and completed, the signed document including the signing log will be available in the contract inbox, from where the contract can be saved into the repository.

E-signing Process Status

Depending on the progress an e-signing process can have different status

  • In Progress: The e-signing process is running an not yet finalized.

  • Signed: All participants have approved or signed the documents and the process is finalized.

  • Cancelled: The process was manually cancelled by an initiator or an administrator.

  • Declined: The process was rejected by a participant.

  • Expired: The process was not finalized before the expiry date.

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