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Connect other applications and automate processes through Zapier.

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Trackado is currently piloting its Zapier integration. With the Zapier connector other apps as e.g. e-signature tools, document management systems or others can be easily integrated into Trackado.

Setting up the pilot integration

  1. Join the pilot phase by following this link.

  2. Sign in with an existing Zapier account or create a new one.

  3. Create a Zap and select a trigger from the application you would like to integrate, for example a completed envelope from DocuSign, a completed document from Pandadoc, a signature request signed from HelloSign, or similar.

  4. Use "Add Contract Draft" as the action to move documents and other data to Trackado:

  5. Connect to your Trackado account using your Trackado API credentials, which can be retrieved here.

  6. Configure the data that you want to be transferred to Trackado:

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