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Contract Inbox and Contract Repository
Contract Inbox and Contract Repository

How to use the contract inbox and contract repository to efficiently transfer and store contracts in Trackado.

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Contract Inbox

Through the contract inbox, Trackado provides you with the possibility to quickly and efficiently transfer contracts into the tool, without having to maintain a lot of data or even open the application at all. You can e.g., ...

  • Email contracts to a dedicated email-address,

  • Bulk upload several documents in one batch, or

  • Use Zapier or the API

... to send documents into you Trackado contract inbox. Even documents from finalized e-signing processes will end up in your contract inbox. Think of it as a "landing zone" for contracts and documents.

From the contract inbox you can then open and review your documents, maintain additional data and save the contracts into the repository.

Contract Repository

The contract repository is your permanent storage and archive for all you contracts. Contracts, agreements and other relevant documents are stored with all relevant data in one place and are accessible and retrievable for all stakeholders.

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