Users, Business Units and Authorizations

Add users and create business units to assign authorizations and control access to your contracts.

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User authorizations in Trackado are assigned on Business Unit level and each contract is assigned to a Business Unit. By creating the Business Units you require, e.g. for departments, teams or legal entities, and maintaining the user authorizations accordingly you can control access to your contracts as required.

Open the menu "User and Business Units" in the "Settings" menu to access the user authorization screen.

Adding Users

Click on "Add User" to open the "Add New User" window.

Add the user details and click on "Add".

The user is added to your account.

Adding Business Units

Business Units represent different entities within your organization (e.g. departments, legal entities, etc.). They can be used to control and restrict user access within your subscription.

Click on "Add Business Unit" to open the "Add Business Unit" window.

Enter the details about your business unit an click on "Add".

The business unit is added to your account.

Assign Authorizations

Once you have created all your users and business unit it is time to assign the users' authorizations for each business unit.
Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate authorizations for the users in all relevant business units.

The following roles are available:

Administrators have full access to all functionality and all Business Units. If you select this role it is automatically inherited to all business units, since administrator have access to all date in your account.

Editors can edit information withing the business unit. They cannot change Settings.

Viewers can only view information.

If no authorizations for a user are assigned in a business unit (indicated by ---) the user will not be able to access contracts within this business unit.

Click on "Save" once all authorizations are correctly maintained to save your configuration.

Edit and Lock Users

Click on the three dots next to a user to open the maintenance options:

You can edit the user details and also lock / unlock a user. This can e.g. be helpful when you would like to (temporarily) restrict access for the user to your account without deleting the user altogether.

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