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How to add and configure the Trackado Slack App to stay up-to-date with Trackado event reminders within Slack.

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[Open Beta]

The Trackado Slack was recently launched and allows you to receive Trackado notifications directly in Slack. The app is in "open beta" and can be installed into every workspace. Feel free to provide feedback to us if you run into any issues or if you would like to see any additional features or functionality.

Installation of the Trackado App in your Slack Workspace

As a first step, you will need to add the Trackado app to your workspace. Click on the button below or share this link with one or your Slack workspace administrators:

Grant the required permissions and sign in with your Trackado account in the next step.

The app is now available in your Slack workspace.

App Settings and Configuration

Click "Settings" on the app's "Home" tab to configure your notifications.

Choose the type of notification you would like to receive.

  • If you choose "Event reminders due today" notifications will be send once when an event reminder is due.

  • If you choose "Event reminders due today or overdue" notifications will be send when an event reminder is due or overdue until the reminder is dismissed.

You can select Slack channels and / or individual users as destinations for your notifications.

Important: If you select a channel, you will additionally need to add the Trackado app to the channel in order to receive notifications. See below for details.

For users, the notifications will be visible on the apps "Messages" tab:

If you select a channel, notifications will be posted into the selected channel(s) once you have added the app to the channel(s).

Adding the Trackado app to a channel

To allow the Trackado app to post notifications to a channel, the app must be added to the channel. This can be done in different ways

Adding the app from the app's screen

Click on the app's name, select "Add this app to a channel", select the channel and click "Add":

Adding the app from the channel's screen

You can quickly add the app by typing /invite @trackado in the channel's message field and selecting the app:

Or you click on the channel's name, go to "Integrations" and "Add an App", search for Trackado and click "Add".

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